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Maritime agency
"Fleet Service"

Ship agency service

Ship agency service

«Fleet Service» LLC provides ship agency service at port Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Vladivostok and Busan (S. Korea). Our company provide agency service for all types of ships. Our staff have strong expertise and reliable business relations with port authorities, government services and other institutions and departments that makes us very effective.

Our agency services:

  • Estimation of preliminary disbursement, informing of ship owners and charterers about traditions, rules, binding regulations and changes at a given port;
  • Checking of cargo and agency contracts, coordination of berthing order;
  • Arrangement of compliance with official procedures and requirements concerning vessel entry into ports including frontier, customs and sanitary inspections;
  • Effecting of prepayment of invoices issued by ports and agencies;
  • Providing of pilot support, towing and line handling;
  • Coordination of loading schedule with ship's senior staff, with port authorities and forwarders;
  • Assistance with organization and cargo loading operations;
  • Protection of interests of ship owners and charterers, matching of cargo documents (navigation documents, consignments) with ship owners and charterers;
  • Informing of ship owners regularly about ship's entry and departure, about the cargo handling and associated activities as well as other essential matters concerning ship's stay in port;
  • Document preparation and forming of cargo documents and certificates;
  • Execution of master's and ship owner's orders regarding supply with fuel, food, water, materials, registration procedures, changes of crewmembers, medical treatment for the crew, ship's visits by owner and charterer;
  • Execution of master's and ship owner's individual instructions;
  • Final check and payment of ship's invoices at ship owner's expense;

moreover many others…