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Maritime agency
"Fleet Service"

Ship operator service

Ship operator service

«Fleet Service» LLC carries out the whole range of services to arrange all possible assistance for ship's operators, these includes:

  • Commercial management – commercial operation of ship on behalf of the registered owner / ship owner and evaluation of ship's demand in the present market condition, evaluation of demand of ship in operation on the carriers' market, evaluation of recovery / repair measures for ship in the stated conditions and prices of contracting agencies and ect. (see further);
  • Technical management — technical operation of ship on behalf of registered owner / ship owner, carrying out the whole complex of ship's technical condition evaluation and further technical service / hull structural members and mechanical arrangements repair necessity observation; evaluation of ship's technical condition for buyers / sellers / charter parties and ect. (see further);
  • Service of help with the Safety management system on board ships (audits to comply with the ISM and ISPS Codes); preparation of the ship / company for the external audits by the representatives of classification societies and by the others authorized persons;
  • Service of help with Hull & machinery insurance and protection & indemnity insurance; assistance with insurance, including preparation of risk assessment list for the ship;
  • Port agency services and passage of straits/channels on behalf the ship owner;
  • Help in / for bunkering operations;
  • Crewing management;
  • Ship's energy efficiency management, forming and filling in of Ship's Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP);
  • Organization of communication with ships and positioning of ships;
  • The work with the FSC and reflagging activity;
  • The work with the representatives' of classification societies and transfer of class;
  • The help with delivery of spare parts, ship's supply and consumables supply;
  • Organization of repair and docking of ships.