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Maritime agency
"Fleet Service"

Technical management

Technical management

«Fleet Service» LLC offer technical management services for all kinds of ships on the ground of standard agreement on ship management.

In the scope of agreement, our company can offer the following services:

  • Examination of ships, inspections, consulting, formal documental and technical guiding of agreement by order of ship owner in the scope of ships sale and purchase operation; making of ships sale and purchase contracts;
  • Forming of reports of ship's condition, its systems, arrangements and ship's documents on the international standards, which are acknowledged by insurance companies, their clubs and banks;
  • Celebration of H&M and P&I agreements with leading insurance companies on behalf of and for benefit of ship owner; our company can be a representative, surveyor and technical advisor of Russian insurance companies;
  • Forming of lists for ship repair, celebration of contracts for repair and docking with ship repairing yards and companies; we offer qualified superintendents to guide your ship throughout the repair process;
  • We offer direct technical management for your ships via systematic letter transferring with ships and periodical visiting by our company's superintendents;
  • Periodical control of ship's condition, accuracy and timely technical documentation management, engine and refrigerating plant logs, technical condition logs, official logs which have to be on board in accordance with international conventions;
  • Control for the crewmembers, for the members of repair team in the part of technical operation and repair of a ship; we carry out this aim via sending of superintendents to the port of destination or to the ship repair yard;
  • The control of performing of work in accordance with plans, the control for the spare parts, tools, equipment; the check of carried out reports, the check of measuring charts and material reports;
  • The forming of extended ship's description of ship's systems, of equipment and mechanism with the aim of data composing;
  • The forming of technical service plans and the forming of ship's repair in the continuous survey system for the period of 5 years;
  • The forming of catalogs of spare parts of ship's mechanisms;
  • The budget forming of technical operation, technical service and ship's repair for the period up to 5 years;
  • The PC calculation of movements and residuals of: fuel oil, lubricating oil and grease, additives and ship's chemistry, spare parts, tools, coveralls, expendable materials. Signing contracts on behalf of ship owner of the material responsibility with crewmembers, periodical valuables' inventory and the control of reports forming of material valuables.
  • The work with classification societies, with project and structural organizations in the scope of class survey and carrying out of any ship's calculations / reconstructions;
  • The work with flag administrations, the work with international organizations' offices and head offices of classification societies in the scope of ship's certification for the compliance of international conventions;
  • The performing of reconstruction and modernization of trawling, technological complexes, refrigerating systems of fishing vessels with the aim of total productivity and offer improvement, subject to the area of fishing ship navigation;
  • Tracking of new inventions, new technical arrangements and technologies in the maritime industry and informing of ship owner about new possibilities with regard to ship's type.

«Fleet Service» LLC will offer for the ship owner the best decision in any situation of ship's operation.